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Chamsa Print

Chamsa Print

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Printed on Premium, bright white, acid free 110 pound coverstock.
Prints come unmated and unframed. 

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The Hamsa is most commonly used as a sign of protection to defend against negative spiritual forces caused by the jealousy of others, colloquially known as the ayin hara, or evil eye. Depicting an image of the open right hand, the Hamsa symbol appears in both Kabbalistic manuscripts and talisman. Each finger of the hand symbolizes one of the five books of Moses. In Kabbalah, the Hamsa represents the hand of the Creator, which is the ultimate defense against all evil.

The Hamsa also signifies blessings, strength, and power, and is commonly placed near doorways of the home. A Hamsa often contains other symbols, such as an eye, a Chai symbol (Hebrew lettering seen above), or a Jewish star. The Hamsa is also a popular design on all types of jewelry, meant to evoke protection for the one wearing it. (From